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At Penanshin, we are not just setting track records. We are breaking new grounds. New horizons. Exciting possibilities. Besides ensuring competitive handling rates to you - our partners and our customers, Penanshin employs the latest computer and information technology to provide you with comprehensive and customised services. Our innovative mindset running seamlessly throughout the organisation and offices across the Asia Pacific region has enabled us to conceive pioneering value-adds for your freight needs to serve you and your business better.


  • Worldwide import and export of air cargo
  • Mulit-Modal service (Sea to Air / Air to Sea or vice-versa)
  • Packing and Packaging of General and hazardous Cargos/Personal Effects/Household Goods
  • Marine Insurance


  • Packing and Packaging of general and hazardous Cargos/Personal Effects/Household Goods
  • Marine Insurance
  • Fumigation
  • Customs Clearance


  • Trucks with/without Tailgates
  • Prime movers for containers with/without tri axle chassis
  • Prime movers with low bed chassis for special equipment and project cargos
  • Cranes and lorry crane with operating supervisor


  • Providing storage for general/hazardous cargo in Free Trade zone/Bonded commercial or approved dangerous goods warehouses
  • Stuffing and Unstuffing
  • Labelling and Bar coding
  • Packing and Packaging

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